Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Project 365....

Yes I am going to attempt this once again :) Last year I gave myself a little lee-way by doing it once a week which might have been what made me fail. So by making myself do this everyday I will not be able to forget.

What is Project 365?
Its where you are challenged to take a picture everyday of the year...YES! everyday. By doing this it provides you with a way to remember what happened in the year and also a way to see what was important to you. It also provides you with a way to get more familiar with your camera. Yea some of you are probably saying how much is there really to know but visit this other site and you might be able to get some ideas.

I will be starting this project on Jan. 1st so everyone can look forward to seeing more blog posts that will be full of pictures! =)
Lets just see if I can stick to it this year

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reasons I Love Winter Break...

1. Sleeping in. Which I didnt really get to do much of at the beginning but I havent been having to get the kids on the bus.

2. Meeting up with friends that have been away at college. I got to go to lunch and shopping at Easton with Allie and Jillian...just a little tripod reunion :) Today I will be going to lunch with Allie and Victoria, and Thursday might hold a lunch date with another long lost friend!

3. Family Christmas Picture for the Cards!

4. Working at the law office :)
I never thought I would have said that 8 months ago but after leaving to go to school full time I really missed everyone here and getting dressed up to come to work was something else I really missed. However working here on break is even better because I am here all day and I don't have to do court runs because there is another girl who took my job :)

5. NO SCHOOL! well thats a no brainer :)

6. more home cooked food =D ...mmmm. All of the yummy food actually started at Thanksgiving. The week before we had Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandpa Frys house. Thanksgiving Day: Lunch/Dinner @ Anthony's Aunt and Uncle's house and dinner at Grandma Spiker & Daves. Skipped a weekend then early Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa Frys. Skipped another week and that brought on all the Christmas dinners. Christmas Eve Anthony's other Aunt and Uncles house for dinner along with a little hold me over at my Aunt Kayes before we left. Christmas morning Mom did her traditional breakfast casserole and we had lunch/dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Prices. Day after we had Christmas at Grandma and Daves with Moms whole side of the family. Sunday night we had the whole family over to our house for spaghetti. Monday night Anthony and I had Christmas at his Dad and Teresa's house :) Needless to say I do need to hit the eliptical and get some of that food off of me!

7. Giving and recieving presents. I don't have my camera card with me right now so the next post will be full of Christmas pictures. But I got my zoom lens for my camera and new boots from Mom & Dad! Clothes, make up and all that jazzy stuff from everyone else.

Well I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and am looking forward to the New Year! =)

Friday, December 18, 2009

{7 Days}

Yep there are only 7 days til Christmas!!! I honestly thought yesterday that we had 2 more weeks but I also thought that yesterday was Wednesday not Thursday. So here is the banner/christmas card holder I made with my cricut. Actaully in the process of making this my cricut broke :( The speed button is not working so it is stuck on Max speed therefore if I cut anything delicate it just rips it all up..Provocraft is sending me a box and its suppose to get fixed.

Here are a couple from the benefit dinner. Anthony and Mark
Me and my best friend, Aubrey :)
And that would be Aubrey and Marks new puppy, in my boot :)

Thats pretty much it. Coming up is some more of the crafty projects I have done, our Christmas cards and picture, and some other little surprises :)
Everyone have a great weekend

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Christmas Time Again this year..

Ain't bought a single thing, o dear.
(Its Christmas Time - Rory and Joey)

So here is my christmas wish list:
-Internation Harvestor shirt or sweatshirt

-parts for my Scout!

-zoom lens for my camera

Canon 75-300 mm f 4-5.6 III Zoom Lens
-Under Armour

-Ariat or Justin black cowboy boots

love always

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Benefit = SUCCESS!

So I have been part of a planning committee for a friend that I have been in 4H with for forever who was diagnosed with cancer in August. We have been planning since September and had the dinner/auction on Sunday and it was very successful!

Asia is a 15 year old girl, a sophomore at TVHS, in 4H and just an all around amazing young lady. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer in August and actually had, hopefully, her last round of chemo yesterday. After many nights of planning and arranging for everything to go smoothly we ended up raising over $20,000 for the Hatfield Family. When I say "we" I am meaning the whole entire community! We had all the families at the schools donate items for themed baskets, businesses donated various items to be auctioned off, students at the high school bought tshirts and other people showed up and participated in the event. So I cannot tell you how many times I had a tear in my eye or just felt blessed to be a part of this cause. Asia was healthy enough to attend on Sunday and was so pleased and thankful for everything that was done.

On friday or saturday I am going to be going to Cincinatti to help pass out teddy bears that people bought in order for Asia to pass out to other patients at the hospital. Pictures from that will be posted early next week. I am in the process of loading pictures from Sunday so maybe I can get them posted on here tomorrow.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Scarf & Hat :) && Trip 2 Library

So my Grandma Kuhn taught me how to crochet two weeks ago. I had been experimenting with 4 plie yarn (thin, most common yarn) but on tuesday I bought some 6 plie (thicker, bulky yarn). I had to buy a larger needle and by using the bigger sizes everything was alot quicker :) I had Molly at the library for the day so I worked on it for an hour there then another hour and a half later and it was finished. I just finished the hat tonight. I am not real sure if I did the hat correctly but i love it anyways. I can defintally say there are going to be a bunch of handmade xmas gifts under the tree this year; but not just this I have a couple other ideas in the plan.

Here are some pics from our trip to the library
I love that look!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Give Thanks!

Yes I am still alive..its been forever since I last blogged. I have been really busy with school and enjoying life, but now I am on break until Jan.6th! woot woot :)

Thanksgiving was great! last weekend we went to Grandma and Grandpa Frys and this weekend Anthonys Mom's side of the family and ours side of the family. It was wonderful to be able to get together with everyone and have such wonderful food to fill our bellies. This morning I got up at 7 a.m. to go shopping with Aunt Lori, Mom, and Caroline. People are absolutely nuts for how early they get up but hey its all about making memories! What I needed to get was not a high demand item so I wasn't too worried about being there when the door opened. I still have a ton of shopping to do but will have to do it later.

Grandma Kuhn recently taught me how to crochet so there are going to be some handmade gifts under the tree this year :) It is very addicting and with all the time I am going to have it is wonderful that I will have time to actually finish some projects. I am also going to try to read a couple books and will be having Molly two days a week which will be very eventful.

Back to Thanksgiving...this past week we had some major down falls. Our hot water tank blew so in the midst of all that, Mom working every night we decided to move turkey dinner to Grandma and Daves house which was wonderful. There was enough room for everyone in the dining room and the kids were able to play downstairs and run around outside. Grandma's house is so accomadating for everyone. We even had some more poeple show up that are not regulars on Thanksgiving.... Aunt Leanne, Uncle Mike, Jackie, Derick and John Michael (My Dad Sister and her family) and Jeremy and Jami. Mom also has a friend that she used to take care of for home health care, Jeff, and we started last year having him because he has no family.

Photography: Mandy and I have gotten the privledge to photograph some seniors this year and have had a blast. December 12th we are going to be taking pictures at the Longaberger Golf Course for their Christmas exciting! We are looking forward to doing family sessions for Christmas.

Here is my thankful list:
Family, Friends, Health, God, talents I have been blessed with, farmers, people who work at the stores on Black Friday, Armed Forces, my job :), happiness, teachers, Diesel, Turbo, Tippy, Remington and Gimpy.

Pictures from Turkey Dinner are coming soon :)
Love Always

Monday, November 9, 2009

Long post

Sorry about that, I have been so busy with school and editing senior sessions. This is my last week of classes which means finals next week. Which in turn means WINTER BREAK!!! wootwoot! no school from thanksgiving til after new years =) ...

here is a little update and what has been going on in my life::

Halloween- costume party at Taylor and Tylors the weekend before halloween. Sorry no pics we were taken but Aub and I went as gangsters/pimps. However we looked like bowlers because we forgot hats and guns. Halloween weekend we had another costume party at Aubrey and Marks. I was a cowgirl at this one.

I missed out on trick or treat due to my night class :(

Photography- Mandy and I have gotten 2 more seniors in the last month. Corie and Haylee. They were awesome! We are working on getting some family sessions in.

Classes- have been more than I expected. I cannot believe how fast my first quarter has went. I hope this is how fast school goes for the next 6 years.

Scout- we are having problems with title transfer due to some crazyiness from PA. But we have gotten new fenders, 2 gas tanks and a grill. I cannot wait for it to be finished!

thats pretty much all thats been going on. Nothing too interesting.

well I hope everyone has a great week!

xoxo. Brittany.

I am it...

1. Where is your cell phone:on the charger..for once!
2. Your hair: needs colored badley!

3. Your mother: most caring and giving person I know.

4. Your father: I am his look a like and he gave me his amazing talent of being sarcastic (Smart-ass-tik!)

5. Your favorite food: noodles and anything from BDs Mongolian BBQ

6. Your dream from last night:

7. Your favorite drink:
Orange juice

8. Your dream/goal:
after i finish the 6 year college requirement I am going to be a speech pathologist, I want to marry anthony and have 3-4 kiddos. Ooo and live in a big farm house!

9. What room are you in:

10. What is your hobby:
scrapbooking, card making, paper crafting, photography, reading Nicholas Sparks books

11. What is your fear:
drowning and loosing everyone I love

12. Where were you last night:
Olde Mans Cave with Anthony, JK and Katie

13. Something you are not:
14. Muffins:
blueberry = delish!
15. Wish list items:
zoom lens, new camera bag, paint for my truck, happiness and love

16. Where did you grow up:
Nashport OH.. vroom rd & harper dr.

17. Last thing you did:
texted bubby! and attempted to write this 3 page paper.

18. What are you wearing:
soffees, over-sized camo sweatshirt

19. Your TV: does not work because I rearranged my bedroom and put it where the cable does not reach. That was over a year ago...

20. Your pets:
DIESEL {Shepard mix I rescued from the animal shelter for my 15th bday}
plus here are all the pets we have
Tippy {yellow lab 14 years old}
Turbo {JKs dog}
Gimpy {black cat}
Remington {quarter horse we got from the neighbors}
21. Your friends:
are all amazing and make my life complete. I dont know what I would do without them!
22. Your life:
is very chaotic and crazy at times, but I wouldnt trade it for anything.

23. Your mood:
tired, bored and lazy
24. Missing someone:
Grandpa Spiker

25. Vehicle:
1964 Internation Scout {Daddy and I are restoring it} oyea I also drive a 95 Nissan Pathfinder
26. Something you’re not wearing:
contacts and a bra ;)
27. Your favorite store:
ebay haha that doesn't count. Hobby Lobbby

28. Your favorite color:

29. When’s the last time you laughed:
yesterday at Anthony
30. When’s the last time you cried:
31. Your best friend:
one hint...its a boy!

32. One place you go to over and over:
school and walmart
33. One person who emails me regularly:
no one really...I don't really email a bunch. Dad sends the most emails tho

34. Favorite place to eat:
BDs Mongolian BBQ in Easton
35. Where do you want to be in 6 years:
graduating school, getting a real job, buying a house and starting a family of my own.
xoxo. Brittany

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding:Aubrey&Mark <3

This weekend my best friend and sister that I never had got married :) I was the maid of honor but still managed to get some great pictures! Thanks to my brother too! -Jonathan. The wedding was amazing. We started the day of with getting our hair done at Kali Co Court, then went to Aubrey's house to put on makeup and get ready. We met at Roger's at 230 to get pictures and the wedding started at 430. The wedding ceremony was in a beautiful field under a tree. Across the street was the reception barn. The reception was a nice country/fall theme topped off with a mechanical bull :) which was the thrill of the night. Here are some pictures from the big day!

Congratulations Aubrey and Mark! hope your having FUN in Virginia, can not wait to go four wheeling in the jeep Aubrey. And we are still having slumber parties once the honeymoon wears off ;)
Love Always