Monday, August 31, 2009

Momma Boxer

Hey Everyone
Here are some pictures of the Momma Boxer that was dumped last week. Yesterday the brindle puppy got a new home and today I am meeting another couple that might want the tan puppy. Anthony's Mom might have someone who wants to have the momma :) The feeling is great that I helped these animals and saved them!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009



Words cannot describe...

My feelings/mood right....well not very nice words that is, No Vulgarity on this site!

So here it goes..
Last night Anthony and I were heading in town to Staples. We were nearing the end of our road and there was a white truck stopped and a momma boxer and 2 pups were on the road. When the guy saw us he took off. Our road turns onto a St. Rt. so ofcourse I had to stop and see if they had any collars on or anything. They did not so we drove over the the campground that butts up to our road and checked the gas station-NO ONE! So we took her home and gave her some food and water and the puppies too. They ate it up and by then it was getting late so I put the puppies in a cage and let the Momma ("Sassy") run loose, she was getting along with our dogs so no biggie. Got up at 4:30 a.m. to check on them...fed again then made her lay down so they could nurse off of her. Then I layed back down and got up to get ready for work. I thought about it and decided I would take them to the shelter for the dropoff. So I leave 20 minutes earlier than usual, get there and the cages that used to be outside are secured behind locked doors saying "DROP-OFF HOURS 10:00-7" So then I hurried home to drop them back off and try to make it to work all in 25 minutes.

So back to me driving them to the shelter: I had them behind my backseat in the cargo area. Sassy layed down and let them nurse but then climbed into the back seat to sleep. At that moment I pretty much lost it! How can someone drop such a poor, defenseless animal off in the middle of no where with 2 babies? How CRUEL! Heartless! She is a total sweet heart.. after being treated so wrong, she is so nice. She is all bones and I really want to put some weight on her and find the proper home for her and her puppies. We already have 3 dogs so we really cannot afford to take in any more. It all makes me so sad...Of any of them I want the Mom to go to a good home which she extremly deserves. The puppies shouldn't have a problem..everyone wants puppies. Maybe I will keep them for the weekend and see what we can do. I guess my emotions are mixed up right now. I don't know how anyone can do such a thing when all dogs do is look at us and are just always trying to please just isn't fair. The other thing that really upsets me is the fact that we have always adopted animals from the shelter in order to drop the count there and give the dogs a chance and now we are obligated to take more in...UUGGH

sorry this has just been a way of venting...

if anyone knows of anyone that would like to take in these wonderful animals please let me know.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Her name is STONER....

Good-Bye for now..
- tonight Mandy and I are going to go try on the dresses for Aubreys wedding then going to see a movie *Time Travelers Wife* hopefully its good! =) I will let you know

JK's first day of school and other...

Okay well here are some pictures taken this morning for Jonathan's first day of school and some random ones from the fair. Aubrey and I bought hats during the week at WalMart. I never really wear a hat but had been thinking about and when we found these camo hats at the other store that we never really make it to on the other side of town we just had to buy them :) I must say I really like wearing mine, I thought it would take a while to get used to but it really didn't and now I want to wear it more often.

JK and Turbo!

Looking so cute!
Our wonderful hats!

Me & my pig after I sold him, they hadn't taken him away yet so I had to get some pictures and spend time with him :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4x4 & getting ready for Fair...

Here are some pictures from a couple weeks ago. I have been so busy trying to enjoy summer before school starts and everyone leaving town for college. Some things didn't go as planned. You know how they say how you loose touch with ur friends when you graduate...they aren't kidding. I guess I have finding out who the real ones are and making new friends-which I love to do!!!! I have also been getting back in touch with a few old ones too! Anyways these pics are from the 4x4 Offroad trip week made at the beginning of August and then the others are from the week before fair.

These Are My Roots & This Is What I Love...

Here are some pictures from the County Fair last week.

Showing my Pig in Showmanship Monday evening

Before the big storm of the week.

Bubby showing his hog

Tuesday night at like 12:30 or so..."I like "pig" butts and I cannot lie"

Beach Boys

I miss him :( ...

The boys in the loft plus Miss Katy

Having a drink after the hog show

Mariah and her lamb before sale

Free Style Reining-awesome stopping/slidding

Cowboy having some Rootbeer

Selling my piggy-holding back the tears

Me & my Bestie Courtney watching the Rough Truck friday night :) <3
I will have some more later in the week :)

Please pray for BOSCO...

A Police dog was shot the other night while on duty. He remains in critical condition and surgery was postponed yesterday, Please pray for Bosco and family.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy Busy Busy....

I have been so busy lately... I have had absolutely no time to update my blog. On top of having parties and family gatherings to go to like every weekend to go to we are now getting ready for the county fair. This will be my last year so it will be kind of emotional at the same time. I am going to miss being in 4-H so much. It has been such a huge part of my life. I joined 4H when I was 7 years old as a cloverbud and at 9 years I became a 4H member. 4H has taught me alot about life in general, it has helped me be productive, gave me a true sense of responsibility and most importantly given me so many friendships that I will treasure forever. I would totally recommend people to enroll their children in a 4H Club and get them involved as soon as they can and its never too late. One thing that most people think is that to be in 4H you must have an animal but 4H has alot more to offer than that. You can take projects anywhere from cooking & sewing to photography, hunting or welding. The possibilities really are endless.
Okay so off that subject here are some pictures from our family reunion.
Molly all ready to go to the pool :) love her little dance!
Maddy & Elise
Avery Elizabeth
Maddy - my buddy :)
Molly - my little buddy :)
Avery showing us how to ride without training wheels!
Evan & Molly

SO CUTE! Sisterly Love <3 xoxo