Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonderful weekend!

So I thought with swimming over I would be able to find more time to post but that is not the case. Once swimming was over the weather started getting nicer and I found more reasons not to post, sorry. Anyways, last weekend I got my prom dress and I spent the weekend with Mom.This week I have just enjoyed being able to go out without a coat on. Yesterday I cleaned in the morning then hung out with Aubrey for the rest of the day. We went and looked at a place for the reception and wedding, ofcourse I forgot my camera..oops. Last night we just hanged out at Marks while the guys worked on the tractor. Today I took Jonathan to church and then we had 4H at 3:00 and then Anthony came over. We decided to take Diesel over to the park and beach to enjoy the weather and burn off some of his energy! It was alot of fun and we really enjoyed it. I can't wait for summer and to be able to go fishing and camping!
well hopefully everyone had a great weekend an dhas a fun week =)
love always