Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hey Everyone!
wow I can't believe how long it has been since I was on here last (2months+) that is crazy. I have been so busy. Mostly in the months of June, July and August I was really busy working. We had the county fair in August...I didn't really good with all my projects. I started school September 3rd. I am only there for 4 periods since I have all my credits to graduate. I took a class called CBI, I am able to leave school early but I have to go to work. The only downfall of this class is I don't see any of my friends anymore. My homebase and 1st & 2nd period classes are CBI kids then I have English which is also all CBI kids. For 4th period I have government which is a regular class but not very many of my friends are in there. I did get a really good job at Micheli Baldwin Northrup Attorney Office. I answer phones while the receptionist goes to lunch then when she gets back since our office is located on the North end of town and the court house is downtown I have to take all the paper work downtown. I am considered a "runner". I love working there. There are 8 attorneys in the building each with an assistant, there is also an archtitect firm, and 2 other companies in the building I answer the phones for.

As far as my Senior Year is going I am having alot of fun. I had my last homecoming dance 2 weeks ago. Then this friday night was our last home football game and it was senior night. At the end of the game all the seniors held hands and walked the field, it was really sad!

This weekend Jillian and I went to Bowling Green State University for the pre-view day. Jillian and I have been going to school together since kindergarden. We went to St. Thomas together all the way up until 7th grade. In the 8th grade we both switched to Tri-Valley. We are both seriously considering going to BGSU together. We will also get to room together which would be great! The only thing is that BG is 3 hrs away, but it really didn't seem that far away. I am still stuck with the big decission of going away or not.

Well talk to everyone here soon. the next update will defintally have some pics to go with it.

Peace <3 Britt