Saturday, January 31, 2009

*iCe IcE BaBy*

Well this week has been a very eventful one. I haven't had school since Monday and have been kept in the house pretty much the whole time. I only left for work and to go sledding. I also got some very bad news, I did not get into Bowling Green due to being one point off on my ACT so I am just going to have to settle with Ohio University Zanesville. There are alot of pluses to that but then again it is very disappointing. So right now I am just going to enjoy the rest of my senior year.
Here are some of the high lights I have to look forward to:
-SEOSL Swim meet
-Sectionals & hopefully Districts
-Sweet Heart dance the day of Districts & Valentines Day!
-Senior Trip to Cedar Point
-Senior Trip
of course all the fun times with great friends!

here are some pictures from the snow/ice storm we got this week:

I fell in a snow drift trying to get some pics

Diesel before the big storm hit...he loves to roll in the snow, it makes me have goosebumps just watching him do it =)

well thats all for now
Love Always

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Picture-A-Week & 31 Cards

Hello Everyone!
Ok I know this is a little late but I think I am going to attempt doing something kinda like the photo-a-day everyone is doing, mine is going to be a photo-a-week! So I am going to go back in my camera and find pics from each week so i can catch up!

This week I was really busy but somehow I managed to get some cards done..make that 31 cards!
WEEK 1: Anthony & I on New Years Day at Uncle Jeff & Aunt Erin's for a party.
I absolutely love this man! His smile, blue eyes, love for family, quest for anything 4x4, hobby of critters, and his love for me <3>
WEEK 2: my best friend, Aubrey, & her Mom discussing the wedding dress she has on. I love how this picture shows that Aubrey is wanting this dress so bad but Janelle was not liking the price tag ($599!) Aub and I have been friends since we were in the 5&6th grade. I am going to be her maid of honor on Sept. 19, 2009!
WEEK3: Turbo & Diesel sleeping.. these two are best buds and defintally partners in crime
WEEK 4: My cousin Molly and I at Maddy's birthday party at the Lindarena. I love this little girl so much!
Here are some of the cards I did this week:

Well thats all for today. I am just sitting around today watching cmt, waiting on Anthony to get off of work. We might go to Easton tonight or just go see a movie. Have a great weekend!
Love Always

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan. 20, 2009 :: A Day In History

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to make this post dedicated to yesterday.
I was way too busy yesterday to do this so why not today? It is actually history now!
I never thought I would feel this way, just figured it would just happen no matter what, but I actually feel good that we have a new President.
I was not able to watch the inauguration because I was at work but what I did manage to squeeze in was very good =)
So here is to our new president, President Barack Obama!

{busy day for me::}
7:30 - School (entails 2 tests and 1 notebook check...ugh)
11:10- leave school, rush home, get swim stuff and get dressed for work!
12:15- WORK
2:00- do errands for work
4:00- Leave work
4:30- the Start of Senior Night and the Muskingum County Meet!
my whole family is going to be there tonight and us seniors are going to get announced
I am prolly going to cry or just be really emotional. But it is all good because this is just the start of a new journey in my life!
8:00- most likely will be home by now! Going to bed or post on here.

Well everyone have a great day! {=)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello Everyone!
I have had an extremely busy weekend. We had no school on Thurs&Fri. due to very cold weather and tons of snow =) I had to work both days but it really wasn't too bad. Swim practice was also cancelled both of those days which was nice at the time but defintally caught up to us on Saturday. We had an invitational at Coshocton. The bus left at 7:30 a.m., our places in the hall to sit for the day was by a door that had a huge gap in the botton so cold air was coming in and there was actually ice on the floor! I swam the 100 Freestyle, 500 Freestyle, 200 Free Relay and the 400 Free relay. I didn't do too bad and actually got 10th in the 500 out of 29 people! Saturday night I went to the boys basketball game, they lost but played a great game. Sunday: went to church, Sams Club, home, to courtney's to make our posters for Senior Night, then to Maddy's birthday party at the Lindarena and after that i went to Anthony's to watch movies and just hangout. Today we have another day off from school! I have to go to work from 12:30-4 then swim practice from 4:30-6 then out to eat with Aubrey, Lauren and Morgan for Aubrey's wedding party dinner. Well I am going to get off here now, I might not be able to update this week due to a very busy schedule but I will try.
Love Always

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


hey everyone!
it has been snowing since yesterday at 10:00 a.m. and it hasn't stopped yet. Schools were sent home early and the plow trucks were out. The snow just kept coming and coming. They just called off all schools for today which means SNOW DAY baby! woot woot =) we are also on a level 2 snow emergency so no work for me today. I will update later.
Love ALways

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scrapbook Room

Hello! how was everyones weekend?
mine wasn't too bad.
Friday: we had a swim meet in Newark. Although we were all praying it would get cancelled because we were suppose to have a huge snow storm coming in, which never happened, the meet didn't turn out to be as bad as we thought. We won the meet so thats a plus!
Saturday: Mom had to work and Dad was sick. Went to my fav. place ever: Chipotle
saturday night I got some scrapbooking done and realized that sunday was not going to be a day of rest! my scraproom needed some major revamping!
Sunday: missed church due to the horses getting out of their stalls. Went to Krogers, Walmart, returned rented movies (not late for once) stopped by Spikers to see the kids and then went home. Spent about 4 hours downstairs cleaning my scrapbook room. So here are some pictures of the progress.

What A Mess! these are from before I started the cleanup.

Below: The finished project. We have a leaky basement so for the last year or so I have been trying to figure out what to do with that brick wall.Well I found some multi colored chalk and this is what happened. Hopefully it doesn't run when it rainsbut whatever it shouldn't be that hard to clean up if it does.

Scrap Station

Sitting area. I need to put different fabric on those cusions. Just not real sure what to do just yet! any ideas?

CRICUT cutting station!

Computer and embellie/idea board

Over view of scrap room!

Hope everyone has a great week! and it looks like I am going to school today since they haven't called off the 2 hr delay and made it a snow day. To those of you who do have a day off and get to enjoy it in the snow, be careful and have fun!
Love Always

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Layout Update!

Hey Everyone!
well I always get so irritated when my computer at home won't download my images fast enough for my liking, so now i at work and this computer is alot faster so I am going to try to put some on here. So here are a few that I have gotten done lately and some others that just haven't had the chance to be put on.

these two are from Summer 07 and our trip to Forest Hill Lake!

these are pics from our first fishing trip in 2007

These two are from the Farm Science Review in 2007

This one is from Anthony's Graduation in May 2007

The Next few are from our big family trip to Corolla, NC (Outerbanks) this summer!

Breakfast at the Waffle House

just some pictures of us sitting on the beach. Beach Bums.

well thats all for today! hopefully there will be many more to follow!
Love Always

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Welll Happy New Year everyone!
we had a wonderful christmas and new year. We went to two different parties and had a blast at both of them.

Some other big news is my bff Aubrey got engaged the week before Christmas and guess who is the maid of honor? ME!!! so that is what the rest of my year is going to be. Helping her plan her wedding (9-19-2009), enjoying my senior year, working, and getting ready for college!

The last two days I have been really busy with wedding stuff. Friday we went dress shopping. And today we went to the Columbus Bridal Show at Vets Memorial. So much fun =)