Monday, May 26, 2008

My Dream and Obsession

As some of you may know but I am not sure if I have ever really mentioned anything on here my dream is to one day become a photographer. technically I could start doing it now but I don't think it would be the smartest thing to do while I am a Senior in High School. My main objective is to become a speech pathologist but photography will defintally be a side job. Along with this being my dream, it also brings a big obsession. The obsession would be looking at other photographers blogs. So I decided I am going to dedicate this post to some of the blogs i enjoy looking at! So here they are:

Thursday, May 22, 2008


wow well today was my last day of school. I am finally done and I am a senior now. I just can't believe how fast this school year went. Let alone high school all a way it kinda scares me because soon enough it will be over and I will have to be starting college and be in the real world with not as much help as I have now. This summer should be good though. I turn 18! yea finally legal, and I plan on working alot but also hanging out with friends more this year and having a good time... i don't want to regret anything and it is kinda my last real summer. Well I am going to get off here.
Love Always

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rain Rain go Away

wow... Ohio weather is absolutely killing me. For one by now every year that I can think of it has been atleast 75 or 80 outside and very nice. Instead this whole week it has dropped down to 50, windy and it rained all week. Today is actually the first day that it hasn't rained and it is somewhat nice but it still isn't warm enough for me. Anyways...yesterday I went to another scrap night at Maysville High School. I got some pages done but forgot my prom pictures at home so they still aren't done. But soon I will be able to post some more pictures of my pages.
Love Always

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thank God Its The Weekend

well this week went kind of slow for me. But we only have 8 days left of school so I guess that could be a reason as to why it was so slow. But last night Anthony and I went to see Baby Mama with Courtney and Brent. It was a really good movie, kind of predictable, but worth seeing. After the movie we went to b-dubs and got wings and a drink. I got home kind of early for it being a friday night but thats alright because today I get to go pick up Maddy and Molly, wonderful cousins that live here in Zanesvile (Avery lives in Columbus, OH - atleast an hr. away) Maddy has softball pictures and Uncle Matt had surgery on his knee so he can't carry Molly, who by the way is at that age where she is getting into everything (1yr2months) I get to keep them for a whole day so I defintally cannot wait. I think I am going to take them to the farm and maybe kidzville or the library...I just want to do something with them that will be fun.After I am done watching them I am going scrapbooking with mallory. This time we are going to her house. So I am going to need to pack everything up and I get to scrap somewhere other than my studio. Well hopefully tonight I will have more pictures for everyone. I got an eventful day ahead!
Love Always

Monday, May 5, 2008


well I had my Junior Year Prom this weekend and it was great! This whole weekend was fun, actually. On friday we (Prom Commitee) set up for the dance until 10:30 p.m. or so then Mallory and I went and stayed all night at Courtney's house so we could make cup cakes for the dance. We went to bed around 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. Then on saturday I went to breakfast with my family for Grandma Spiker's birthday. Then I my Aunt Lori did my hair at 1:30. We took pictures at these beautiful gardens in town. Then we ate dinner at Tumbleweed & headed to Promenade. It was raining when we got there but it was still fun showing up in the camo zuki! The dance was a blast and we ended the night with movies at Courtney's house. So here are some pictures of my eventful weekend. And I even scraped some too because there was a party yesterday. I'll get the pages on here as soon as possible.
Love Always