Sunday, February 10, 2008

Painted Scraproom

well i entered myself in a Scraproom Challenge on This weekend I finally got around to painting the room. Mallory came over after we took our ACT yesterday morning, which wasn't bad at all, then when mom got home she said that we were going to go get the paint so I could get my Scraproom finished. Ofcourse its not completly done yet..I still have to put a second coat on one of the walls and we have to special treat the other wall since the room is in the basement and its a brick wall. But the color i chose is lime green...i love it! I will post some pics as soon as i get some. well i had better go to bed ...
Love ALways

Sunday, February 3, 2008

my extended weekend!

well i had a pretty full weekend! Friday we had a snow day due to icy roads. It was our 1st this year! It was so nice. I went shopping in Columbus at Polaris with my Aunt Lori, her mom Caroline, Madeline, and Molly. It was fun, it just gave me something to do for the day. I wish i would have been able to find a scrapbook store to go into but i couldn't. So I didn't end up spending any of my money...maybe there will be a sale this week at hobby lobby or something. Next Saturday I have to take the ACT in the morning and then Mallory is coming over for the rest of the day to scrapbook. I am hoping its going to be alot of fun! well I think i am going to get off of here and do some laundry for this week! hope everyone has a GREAT week!
<3 Always