Sunday, January 27, 2008

Successful Scrapnight

well last night i had a Mallory and Maddy come over to scrap all night with me! we didn't really get started until 10:00 or so and then we called it a night sooner 2:00. I was busy helping Maddy do some of her pages and just talking that i only got like 2 pages done. But i am not too worried about it because I have full access to everything that i can use so its not that big of a deal. I think Mal might be coming over next weekend too so hopefully then I can get some more done. My dad also finished putting my new bed on my truck for when we go off roading.. i am so excited and it looks really good! Also I found a pretty nice counter top to get put up in my scraproom so thats another plus of this weekend. Well I am going to get off of here and I'll try to post tomorrow night if I am not too busy with homework or anything. Night
Love Always

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not So Good

well last night when Anthony came over he told us that they are cracking down on the guys doing work in the shop (Sams Club Tire & Battery) They had already fired 3 guys one of which we are really good friends with. He said that he had recently pulled his car in inorder to change the battery and if they look at the videos they would find out and he might be in trouble or get fired. I am so worried about it because this is a really good job that he has got right now and probably the only one that is going to support his schooling hours when he starts college. I am just praying for the best. On that note today I have a bunch of cleaning to get done and other stuff for tonight...I can't wait! So i am going to leave you with a couple pictures.

Friday, January 25, 2008

my first blog

wow what a title.... lol...couldn't really think of anything catchy. So why not what it really is!?!
well this week seemed like it went so slow..even though we had monday of and i got sick yesterday and went in late today everything just drug on. Thank its friday! Anthony was going to lift weights then come over so I am just waiting on him. Tomorrow night I am having a Scrap Party..about 3 or 4 other girls are coming over and we are going to scrapbook all night! should be a blast then i can finally post more LO on That website is my new ADDICTION! currently I am in a scraproom challenge and its going pretty good. For the fact that i just started scrapbooking less than a year ago...i have really come up with an accumulation of supplies and even found a spare room in our basement that i turned into my own little area! its so nice. I will have to put pictures on here of it...but until then just visit my blog at Another highlight of this week has been that Anthony and I purchased tickets to go to The World's Toughest Cowboy rodeo on Feb. 16 in Columbus, OH. I am so excited! well this is long enough for tonight so hopefully i will be able to post tmrw!
Love Always