Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More projects done...

Here is a 2 pager I did for my promenade. The other is the accordian album I did for a friend for a graduation present. There is a tutorial available at I also started a new book this week: Summer Sisters by Judy Blume.

2 pager for my Senior Year Promenade.

Accordian Album. There are little bits of info about our graduating class & then I left blank squares for the person to put in their own pictures.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prom Pages

Here are 3 prom pages. 3? well actually I have alot more done than that but I am currently working on finding a good site to load all my pics to without having to upgrade or something. I tried Flikr but I realized today I am limited to my storage space. So I was only able to get 3 photos uploaded today. The reason for this is I am having problems with my flash drives, I don't have a cd burner at home, the home computer is way too slow so I load everything at work. I don't feel to comfortable bringing my camera in so I might just stick to shutterfly or snapfish. We will just see. Any ideas?


Monday, June 8, 2009

Beginning of Summer

How was everyones weekend? mine was GREAT! I finally got to relax and just enjoy summer. I had to work friday from 8-5 at the Law Office then 5-10 at the Country Club-Pool. I went home and fell asleep almost immediately. On saturday I couldn't sleep in so I got up, everyone was at the river camping so I had the whole house to myself. I decided to get all my scrapbook stuff out upstairs instead of downstairs. I scrapped until noon, I made gifts for all the grad parties I had to go to. I ended up making 3 accordian albums themed around graduation. I will post the pictures tomorrow. I also made a cute little desktop calendar. After that I headed to graduation parties. First stop was my friend Kate's, then Courtney Hetricks and I finished the day off at Mallory's. I went to the river afterwards and stayed all night there. Sunday, I layed out & floated with Mariah. We floated for like 3 hours on the river, needless to say I am burnt! So here are some pictures of the ending of school and beginning of summer.

Jillian, Allie & Me before Cedar Point, on the bus.

on the music express Jillian before the Maverick..nervous?
Allie & Me - nervous!
TRIPOD - standing in line for the Maverick
Me & Jillian Our group for the day

At the end of the day! Me,Allie, Jillian, Kate, Victoria & Chase

Anthony & Me at Allie's Grad Party - the night before we graduated!Sydney & Me at Graduation. The pics from the ceremony didn't turn out too good, but Mom got some better ones. I will post them sometime soon.
Tawnee Mallory & Me - Mallory's Graduation Party
Mallory Dyllon & Craig - Mallory's Party Me & Mariah - Laying out!
Me & Mariah getting ready to go tubing
So much fun!
SUMMER 09' here we come!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy Week!

Hello Everyone
well i graduated on Sunday May 31! I am officially a freshman in college. That sounds so scary yet so exciting. Most would think since I am on summer break I would have a bunch of free time and everything but that is not the case. Monday I had to work at the Law Office from 12-5. Yesterday, today, thursday & friday I am working at MBN Law from 8-5 then lifeguarding at the pool from 5-9. Yes I am working 11 hour days! It sucks right now but the paycheck will be GREAT! I am saving my money right now to buy a Ford Escape =D I might have it by July!!! YEA!

So yesterday I finished the book My Sister's Keeper. I went to the movies and saw it was coming out as a movie soon so I jumped on reading it. A friend of mine read it a couple years ago and recommended it. I never got to it but its finished now! It was a great book, defintally a tear jerker, I cannot wait for the movie to some (June 26!) Now I am reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. So far it is really good. I don't know what my deal is with books that are movies but as soon as I finish this book I am renting or buying the movie and watching it with Anthony.

Last week I actually got some scrapbooking done. I stayed all night with Mallory and we scraped until 3:00 a.m. I will get some pictures posted soon. Tonight I am going to work on some graduation presents. I have two parties on saturday and they are good friends so I want to make them some cute presents instead of just giving them cards! I think I am going to try making blank accordian albums and I need to make some altered paint cans. So wish me luck and hopefully I can finish them tonight and get pictures up tomorrow.

Have A GREAT Week!
Love Always